#1 Falls Again [Video]

tyler griffey e1360347913100 #1 Falls Again [Video]

Tyler Griffey provided the game's winning shot.

Madness has come early this year as the top ranked team loses again for the fifth straight week. Six different times the #1 ranked team has fallen to its opponent. This time, in the form of Illinois over Indiana. Nothing can be assumed in college basketball, especially in this unpredictable season. The Illini started the season 12-0, all the way to 2-7 in the Big Ten. This win absolutely saved their season and their hopes for a bid in March.

What’s even more perplexing is the winning shot of the game…check it out.

How did Tyler Griffey get loose? Indiana, one of the nation’s top-ranked teams, cannot have a lapse in play like that come March. At least it happened now.

Image Sources: NYdailynews.com, youtube

#1 Falls Again [Video]