10 Fantasy Football Tips


Football season is so close I can almost smell the Velveeta. That means your Fantasy Football Draft is even closer, if you haven’t had it already. If you haven’t done much research yet, here are ten tips that should get you through the draft with a pretty solid team. Are you ready for some football? I know I am.

1. DO NOT pick anyone besides a runningback in the first round. I’m talking about Calvin Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, or whoever else might tempt you. The league is too deep in QBs and not deep enough in RBs.

2. Justin Blackmon is a hidden gem in this year’s draft. He’s suspended for the first four games, but will return just in time to fill in during some bye weeks. You’ll be getting a top-15 WR talent in the last round.

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3. Alfred Morris is projected to go early in the second round, but I’d take him above Trent Richardson and even the injury-prone Arian Foster and Jamaal Charles.

4. Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson may not be as good of picks as you may think. Kaepernick’s receiving core has dwindled with the loss of Michael Crabtree and Wilson, who isn’t a high point-getter to begin with, lost Percy Harvin. If you miss out on the top QBs, I’d go with Matthew Stafford. He has several weapons at his disposal and is expected to have a huge year.

5. The tight end position is very thin this year. Jimmy Graham is as good as gold, so snatch him up while you can. He’s projected to go in the third round, but I’d take him in the second.

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6. A few of this year’s busts: Darren McFadden, Jason Witten, Danny Amendola.

7. A few of this year’s high-value picks: Steven Jackson, Randall Cobb, Reggie Bush.

8. DO NOT pick a defense before the last couple of rounds (unless it’s Seattle or the 49ers). No one else is worth the value, including the Texans. The Colts will be a good week one selection as they’re playing the lowly Raiders.

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9. Don’t over-value a kicker. They really shouldn’t be drafted until the last two rounds.

10. DO NOT forget about the bye weeks!

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10 Fantasy Football Tips