10 Things Girls Do When They’re Bored


You ever look around and just caught a pretty girl doing something outlandish? Like, I don’t mean the usual form of weird, I mean making a sandwich out of two slices of pizza weird. Well, chances are that girl is bored. And the sad part is that her boredom is probably derived from her disdain for you. Here are 10 things females will do when they are bored. Some of them may vary depending on the girl but bare with me.


twerking in the mirror baougo 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

This is the ultimate sign of boredom. Once a female get’s to the point that she’s twerking in the mirror for amusement it’s safe to say her life is dry. And even though Miley has taken the idea of “twerking” to the next level it’s still a sure sign of morbid boredom. And though you may enjoy watching these types of videos, feel bad for a woman who has to resort to this for entertainment. Feel very bad. I mean like it’s your fault. Because indirectly…it is.


text guys they dont like k3psco 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

Because social networking has become the premier point of communication among those of this generation getting a “phone number” isn’t quite what it use to be. There use to be an allure that came with getting a woman’s number. You’d literally have to save up enough confidence to go ask for it because that would be the only way you could communicate with her. But now with new phenomenas such as Twitter and FaceBook there are other options in which to communicate with women. Therefore, getting a number isn’t at all that serious anymore. In fact, some women give their number out, just so they can text guys they don’t like when they’re bored. If you only have a conversation when she hits you first, you are probably one of those guys bro. Sorry. Blame it on the net. It’s either that or your distinct wackness. Probably both, but I’m not judging.


tweeting for attention hv18k2 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

Women tweet for two reasons, both of them being attention. And when a woman is bored it’s this times too. Here come’s the “I’m bored” tweets. Or the creation of a meaningless Trending Topic like #MeAndMyExBrokeUpBecause. This is a sure sign she’s bored.


listen to drake mvz471 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

Drake’s one of my favorite artists of this generation. This is in no way meant to be a diss to him. But when women get bored, they get in their feelings. When they get in their feelings, they listen to Drake. It’s really that simple. Drake makes music that’ll have you missing your first puppy that got hit by a car when you were 3. Drake makes music that’ll have you missing somebody that you see all the time. Drake’s music will have you wondering if there is a future in tomorrow. I think you get it by now.


homework that doesnt exist lgcm6h 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

The only time homework becomes a source of entertainment for a woman is when she is bored. Don’t think for a second that she’s that damn studious.She is just bored. If there was something else to do she would be doing it. But because she has no life, she’s actually doing homework.


online shopping n3zkyh 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

She was suppose to be filling out job applications but ended up buying a maxi dress to go the beach this weekend. Why? Because she’s bored. She’s always bored. Her life is an atrocious blob of nothingness in which the word “blah” describes everything. How the hell do you go online shopping with no job I have no idea. But she can tell you everything about it.


girl straigtening hair yerb3p 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

It has become the new craze for women to wear their hair “natural” the irony is that natural hair isn’t even “natural”. But that’s another article for another date. When she gets bored she tries to straighten out her kinky ass “natural” hair to bring some substance back to her tarnished life.


censored nudes agmzte 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

You ever wonder where the nudes you ask for actually go? Well, I’m here to let you know that they go to the phone of her best friend to die. This is a new phenomena. It’s socially acceptable for women to be indirectly homosexual in this age and it comes out especially during boredom.


girl writing poetry iifp3b 10 Things Girls Do When Theyre Bored

There isn’t an intellectual sentimental bone in her body. The deepest thing she has written is a break-up letter. The deepest thing she has read was a retweet from the fake Drake account on Twitter. She’s only writing poetry because she’s bored.

If I’m lying I’m flying. Take care.

10 Things Girls Do When They’re Bored