$100K Worth Of Jewelry Stolen From Julianne Hough


Julianne Hough better invest in a safe of sorts because the former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer left $100,000 worth of jewelry inside her Mercedes and it was stolen.  The worst part is that it was jewelry her boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest had given her.

julianne hough $100K Worth Of Jewelry Stolen From Julianne Hough

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

While out in Hollywood on Friday night, Julianne Hough was going to visit a friend in an apartment complex.  She parked her Mercedes in the lot and left 3 pieces of jewelry in her car.  A few hours later, Julianne went to her car and saw the door wide opened and the entire inside was ransacked.

Reports are saying it’s unclear whether Julianne left the door unlocked to the car or not.  It has been confirmed however that the value of the 3 pieces of jewelry was $100,000 and they were in fact gifts from Julianne’s boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.  So far Ryan is officially the most understanding boyfriend in the world – unless she didn’t tell him, in which case, he would now know.


$100K Worth Of Jewelry Stolen From Julianne Hough