$10K Bid To Buy Casey Anthony’s Silence Forever


Since Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy back in January, the trustee handling the bankruptcy case has been, “tasked with identifying anything of value that can be used to pay back the $800K Casey owes her creditors.”  Therefore, if someone offers to ‘buy’ Casey‘s story to make into a movie or book, the trustee should deeply consider that offer.

casey anthony $10K Bid To Buy Casey Anthonys Silence Forever

(Photo Credit: JOE BURBANK/POOL)

BUT, what if the offer is from a regular Joe wanting to shut Casey Anthony up for good, FOREVER?  According to new court documents filed in Anthony’s bankruptcy case, Casey’s team has received a $10K offer from a man hoping to obtain exclusive rights to Casey’s life story.  That man is none other than James M. Schober; a random guy with no ties to Casey or her family.

James doesn’t want to make a movie, put Casey on TV or write a book, but rather his sole motivation is to “prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future.”  There’s a glitch in all of this however and that’s that not even Casey Anthony has the exclusive rights to her own story.  Someone can write an unauthorized biography on her life and what happened.  The trustee will be asking the court if he can create a bidding war on the rights to her story; so it’s pretty much up to the judge, but the odds are against it all.



$10K Bid To Buy Casey Anthony’s Silence Forever