12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know


12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn t Know nv6z3k 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Gamers don’t just love playing a game or beating a game, sometimes it’s merely the nitty gritty secrets that lie inside the video game that drive a gamer wild. These are the secrets the developers didn’t expect us to notice at first glance, or maybe at all.

Upon noticing a great gaming secret, a gamer might develop respect for the game on a whole new level. Or maybe that secret turns out to be just a glitch, which makes us look at the game completely different. There’s secrets that provide us new quests, foreshadow events or just give us a hilarious nod at something we didn’t expect. Here are 12 video game secrets you probably didn’t know about.

12. Max Payne 3: TV Show Ending

Just like the original games, Max Payne 3 has TV shows running on various television devices throughout the game. If you end up tuning into one show, you’ll find two women fighting over a man, Maury-style, with some strange consequences. Some subs would be nice, but aside from that, is there a reason the baby looks like Chuckie?

11. Crysis 2: Dancing Soldiers

So the last thing you expect to stumble upon while running around a game with your armor and gun in tow are two soldiers getting their twerk on in an elevator, complete with neon lights and a disco ball. Twerk on, my friends, Miley would be proud!

10. Far Cry 3: Alice In Wonderland

Game Secrets Far Cry 3 tyagx2 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Aside from being an all-around awesome game, Far Cry 3 has some nifty little references happening beneath the surface. About half-way through the game when Jason Brody really starts enjoying slaughtering people, the loading screens begin to show quotes from Alice In Wonderland. Specifically the quotes are ones between the Mad Hatter and Alice debating whether or not she’s mad. The analogy is pretty obvious – the Mad Hatter’s admission that ‘we’re all mad here’ applies directly to Jason Brody who went from scared college kid to Rakyat Messiah as the game develops.  There’s much more from geographical references relating to Alice going down the rabbit hole which exposes your decent into madness and then the theory that you, the player is mad.

9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Snake Codecs

Solid Snake might be in Super Smash Bros. but he honestly has no idea what he’s doing there or what to make of what’s happening. If you play as Snake and call Otacon during battle you’re in for some fascinating conversations.

8. Kid Chameleon: Who’s The Guy In The Leather Jacket?

Game Secrets Kid Chameleon peamd7 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

The kid in the leather jacket on the Kid Chameleon game cover is actually a real live person. His name is Dean Sitton and he worked for Sega. Dean was the one who came up with the name Dr. Robotnik and Crabmeat.

7. PlayStation 2 UI: Background Buildings

Game Secrets PlayStation 2 o79uh5 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

When you access the UI on PlayStation 2, you will see a smoky haze and as time progresses and you play the game, buildings will become visible. Some will be slightly taller than others and you weren’t aware of it at the time, but these buildings were a visual representation of your games and the progress you had made. Each new building that appeared was a new game and as the game advanced, the buildings grew.

6. Halo: Combat Evolved – Hugging It Out

Come here you motherf*cker, hold me! Here’s a little foreshadowing for you, after Sergeant Johnson and a Stealth Elite wrestle for an assault rifle, they see the UNSC Pillar of Autumn explode and then they hug it out. This was all planned out and not just an uncomfortable scene – in the upcoming Halo games the Human-Elite form an alliance.

5. Dead Space: Clues Of Nicole’s Fate

Game Secrets Nicole Died gqreph 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

The revelation concerning Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole was heart-wrenching and the shocking end left us traumatized. However, it was revealed way before it happened – if you take the first letter of each Chapter, you’ll find it reveals Nicole’s fate for you, “NICOLE IS DEAD”.

4. Super Mario Galaxy 2: Three Mysterious Figures

Game Secrets Super Mario Galaxy Mysterious Figures dn2edi 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Speculation has ensued since 2010 about these three mysterious figures that you can see in Super Mario Galaxy 2 when switching to first person mode in Shiverburn Galaxy. Eventually it was discovered by hacking the game that the creatures were called “Hell Valley Sky Trees.” No character in the game ever mentions their existence and they do not look like trees at all. But considering Nintendo is a Japanese company, the three mysterious figures actually resemble Kodama’s. Kodama’s are white creatures with big eyes that live in trees in Japanese folklore. You can also see them in Super Mario 3D Land at 4-4, if you don’t jump on the flag pole, but look at the right trees, you’ll see what resembles a ghost that also matches the description of a Kodama. Nevertheless, they’re always there, and they’re always watching you – creepy.

3. Kyle Reese On Metal Gear Cover

Game Secrets Metal Gear Cover Kyle Reese tfvs4k 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

Some may say that Solid Snake is far superior to Kyle Reese from Terminator, but is Snake modeled after Kyle Reese? It’s a pretty known secret – which I guess doesn’t really make it a secret at all, but it’s still widely speculated to this day. The Terminator promo shot of Kyle Reese was allegedly used for the cover of the 1987 Konami game Metal Gear as protagonist Solid Snake. The wardrobe is similar, the pose is comparable and they are essentially the spitting image of each other.

2. Duke Nukem 3D: Number On Bathroom Stall

Game Secrets Duke Nukem 3D pvealy 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

In E1L1 you’ll find a number just above the urinal which reads ‘867-5309.’ You can call the number, but it’s actually a reference to the song “Jenny” by Tommy Tutone.

1. The Last Of Us: Uncharted Movie Starring Justin Bieber

Game Secrets The Last Of Us Bieber xxalkz 12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know

So now the whole apocalypse thing makes sense. In an old newspaper found in The Last Of Us, you’ll see stories regarding the usual disasters and then a movie ad for Uncharted starring Justin Bieber as Nathan Drake. So the end of the world was due to a fungal growth and Justin Bieber – which is a total recipe for disaster.


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12 Video Game Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know