12-Year Old Admits To ‘Swatting’ Ashton Kutcher


The 12-year old kid who was accused of ‘swatting’ Ashton Kutcher has finally admitted to doing the deed.  This will make him the youngest felon ever!

ashton kutcher 12 Year Old Admits To Swatting Ashton Kutcher

(Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

The kid admitted to two felony counts in connection with ‘swatting’ pranks against Ashton Kutcher and a bank.  He admitted to specifically making a false report in an emergency and computer intrusion.  If you recall, Kutcher is only one of a laundry list of celebrities that were the victims of ‘swatting’ pranks this past year.  This particular 12-year old has only admitted to ‘swatting’ Ashton, and not the others.

The ‘swatting’ prank against Ashton happened last year when the kid make a 911 call reporting that there were people inside Kutcher’s home with guns and explosives and that people had been shot.  Cops swarmed to the home of the actor only to find it was all a prank.  The same 12-year old was also charged with ‘swatting’ Justin Bieber, but did not admit to that count.  The kid went home with his parents and will face a judge soon to determine whether he will serve out his time at home or in a group facility.

How do you think the 12-year old ‘Swatter’ should be punished?



12-Year Old Admits To ‘Swatting’ Ashton Kutcher