14 Things girls will never admit to guys


girls secret 14 Things girls will never admit to guysIn the movie, “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson, Gibson’s character attains the ability to read women’s thoughts. It’s a romantic comedy, so naturally he learns from his experience and gets the girl. Doors will open for any man who figures out how to read women’s minds, ones that otherwise would not open. The person who does this, however, will face social despair, I think. secret e1362366451596 14 Things girls will never admit to guys

Girls are mischievous and conniving. Period. If we could read their thoughts we’d probably become demoralized and resentful towards the gender. Any person wanting to read a woman’s thoughts must be prepared to undergo a gauntlet of torment. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. I would never risk my emotional fidelity by mingling thoughts with a female. I want to give y’all an insight to the hidden thoughts of women, and hereby present

14 things girls will never admit to guys

1. Girls are more likely to fancy a guy if his ex-girlfriends are really pretty, and they can be put off a guy by finding out that his ex-girlfriends are a bit ugly.

2. Girls don’t understand how their minds work.

3. Girls love getting a missed call from you. It makes them feel in control.

4. When girls get whistled at in the street,  they feel uncomfortable and they’ll always tut and roll their eyes. But they’re actually flattered and would be upset if it stopped.

5. Girls are constantly scared of putting you off by seeming too keen.

6. When girls are at a party, they clock the sexy girls far quicker than they clock the sexy guys.

7. They’re all little girls inside. You make them cry far more easily than you realize.crying woman 14 Things girls will never admit to guys

8. Girls leave their legs unshaven on a first date so that they won’t end up in bed with you.

9. Girls are desperate for you to compliment their skin and necks.

10. Girls want you to text them from your journey home to say how you can’t stop smiling.

11. If you don’t text or call within 24 hours, girls feel so unhappy that no amount of chocolate and wine can cheer them up. Though they’ll give it a try.

12. If you’re not very well endowed, your girlfriend won’t tell her friends. She’s as embarrassed about it as you are. However if you dump her, she’ll tell everyone.

13. Girls fake orgasms so that you’ll stop and let them go to sleep.

14. Snoring costs you sex.

Conclusion: Girls are insecure. Did we make them that way or are they inherently like that?

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14 Things girls will never admit to guys