20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5


Since its highly anticipated release last week, Grand Theft Auto 5 has done nothing but kill it. It’s definitely one of the better games out there right now, and just might be the best one in the series yet. With so many options on fun things to do, here’s just a list of the 20 best past times in the game.
20. Switch Characters

gta fun 20 i4psea 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5A new feature that has never been in GTA before, you now have the option to switch between your 3 main characters to get a different environment and feel to the game.
19. Steal a car

gta fun 18 wngawd 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
This is a classic move from the GTA games that still hasn’t gotten old. You see a nice ride on the street that you’d want for yourself? All you have to do is go up to it and press Y and it’s yours. You better hope the guy inside doesn’t chase you down after though.
18.Get into a fight

gta fun 19 cfhodu 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
You can still start a fight with pretty much anyone on the street, like all the previous games. All it takes is a little shove and they’re mad enough to start throwing haymakers.
17. Customize your car

gta fun 17 e1cucz 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Another new feature in this game, you now have the ability to completely customize any ride. You can adjust the performance or change the appearance however you want, just be sure to park it in your garage because it’ll disappear and you’ll have wasted a few thousand bucks.
16. Shop for clothes

gta fun 16 b9ww2r 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Nothing screams wealth like hopping out of your customized Bugatti with a $9,000 suit. There are plenty of places to shop for your wardrobe in this one, from high class boutiques to low budget thrift shops.
15. Accessorize

gta fun 15 skjofy 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Not only can you purchase some new threads, but in this Grand Theft Auto you can put some ice in your ears, grab some new headphones, and top it all off with a nice pair of shades.
14. Go to the strip club

gta fun 14 hclnrk 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
The most interactive feature in the game is obviously the strip club. You can make it rain for the girls on the poles, or take one back to the private room for a lap dance. I won’t even spoil what happens if you fill the girls “like” meter, but I guarantee most people who play the game will try it out.
13. Get drunk

gta fun 13 ymdfzb 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
The only place I’ve found so far where you can buy drinks is in the strip club, but a few shots at $10 a pop and your character is drunker than a bro on the 4th of July. It’s pretty funny to see him stumble about the strip club.
12. Trade stocks

gta fun 12 way9d9 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
In this game, there is even a virtual stock market that you can invest in. You don’t have to get rich by stealing cars or killing people for their money. Now all you have to do is make some savvy investments and you’ll be rich for life.
11. Make phone calls

gta fun 11 rz98sw 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
You were always able to call characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, but now the characters you call actually pick up. Not only that but some of them give you the option to meet up and hang out, or go on some pretty neat side quests.
10. Shop online

gta fun 10 tiiywx 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Want a new car or a boat? There’s no need to steal one anymore (although that’s really fun). Just go to the internet on your cell phone, purchase a vehicle from one of the websites and it’s delivered to your doorstep in just a few minutes.
9. Drive a tank

gta fun 9 aj9gml 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Although they are a little pricy at $3 million, you can do a great deal of damage in Los Santos with a military grade tank. If wreaking havoc on the city is one of your past times in GTA like the rest of us, this is the best way to do it.
8. Fly a plane or chopper

gta fun 8 zmefmh 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Another new feature to the GTA series, you can now fly and own a multitude of aircrafts. Although they are difficult to get used to at first, if you can master the flight it makes getting around the city almost immediate.
7. Train your dog

gta fun 7 rvmdqb 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
That’s right. In GTA 5 you actually own a Rottweiler named Chop, and you can actually train him to do your bidding. Whether you want him to stop crapping in your expensive luxury home or attack nearby pedestrians, all it takes is some time and Chop will learn.
6. Street race

gta fun 6 wk98en 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
What’s the point of having a really fast car if there’s nowhere to show it off? Rockstar thought of this thankfully and placed a bunch of street races all over Los Santos that you can participate in. They only happen during certain night hours though, so you’re gonna be up late for these.
5. Go golfing

gta fun 5 i6jcd1 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
The fact that there is a golf course in Los Santos that you can frequent is a tribute to the game’s detail. So you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams and want to put your killing days behind you? What better way to spend your time than on the greens.
4. Become wanted

gta fun 4 ti8iee 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
The “wanted” system is still the same in this one. Based on how bad the crimes you commit, the higher your wanted level goes. Everyone knows that part of the game is going on a rampage and seeing how long you can survive against the police department.
3. Buy property

gta fun 3 wsq5su 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Now you have the option to spend your money on some properties around the city. From garages to helipads to even a country club! Not only do you just own the properties after you purchase them, but they will pay you back a weekly income based on how well you manage them.
2. Assassinate corporate leaders

gta fun 2 vzzqly 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
Ever hear of insider trading? Well in this game there is a side quest line that allows you to kill leaders of major companies for immense stock market profit. All you have to do is listen to Lester when he explains what the stock market will do, invest accordingly, and eliminate the target.
1. Major heists

gta fun 1 w9k9cc 20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5
The major plot of the game revolves around major heists like bank robberies and jewelry store break-ins. This is probably one of the coolest stories I have played, and the big scores your characters make all the other fun stuff possible.
What do you think of GTA 5 so far? Any other fun things that you can do? Comment Below!
Image Sources: IGN

20 Fun Things To Do In GTA 5