3-D iPhone Theatre: Genius or Bust


3D iPhone Theatre 593x397 3 D iPhone Theatre: Genius or Bust
Remember all the rumors circulating around the new iPhone. A keyboard projector,built in retina scanner, and perhaps the most interesting, a 3-D screen. 3-D is not a far fetch for smartphones, in fact the EVO-3D was released months before these iPhone rumors started to circulate. Now there is a 3-D device that connects to your iPhone and projects the capable images directly at you but is it worth it. This is my pro/con list for the Palm Top Theatre. A $30 device that makes 3D a reality.

Reasonably priced
Designed to fit your phone securely
True 3D (instead of a layered “Paper Mario” feel
Large database of compatible videos via App

Your phone is inaccessible
Only a small group of compatible videos
Too small of a viewing space
More novelty than fuctionality

There you have it. Winner or not? I’ll let you be the judge.

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3-D iPhone Theatre: Genius or Bust