3 Stretchy Toys For Show And Tell


Show and tell was the best day ever. You got to bring your toys to class and play with it all day. I’ve thought of some good, simple, classic toys that are great for show and tell.

1. Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong is a man of few talents. He don’t play no house, drink no tea, or transform into no car. He streeeeeeeeeeeeetches!stretch armstrong toy 3 Stretchy Toys For Show And Tell

2. Sticky Hands

There is no better toy for school than the sticky hand. It can be kept in your pocket for safety and offers amazing was to annoy your classmates. These sticky hands are perfect for grabbing paper off a desk from a distance. You can steal a drawing or note right from under someone’s nose. If you take band or orchestra, grab the music off someone’s stand!Sticky hand e1360189017436 3 Stretchy Toys For Show And Tell

Many people think that once the sticky hand becomes covered in dirt and hair that you have to throw it away. This is not so. Simply wash it with soap and water and pat it dry. It will be clean again but still sticky.

3. Slinky

The slinky is one of the most classic and iconic toys. Once your of the age where you don’t tangle every one you own, your should get another slinky. Have you ever walked one down a huge flight of stairs? If not, do it. These do get old after a while, but it is one of the most fun toys to observe someone play with. All the kid’s will want one when they see you with this.

gold slinky 3 Stretchy Toys For Show And Tell

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3 Stretchy Toys For Show And Tell