3 Reasons Kid’s Shouldn’t Drive: Video


You would think it just shouldn’t happen automatically. Kids know they shouldn’t drive, well most of them, but the parents DEFINITELY know. So why does this keep happening all of a sudden? Kids grab the whip and peel out without thinking twice, that is until theres a light pole where the radiator should be. Here are three examples of why kids should NEVER get behind the wheel.

Kids Driving Mini Hummer 623x389 593x389 3 Reasons Kids Shouldnt Drive: VideoThe first and latest installment comes from a six year old sweetheart who just wanted to drive across town to see her dad. Despite being a decade away from a license, the Pittsburg child managed to sneak away the keys and get down the road before tapping three cars, almost hitting a neighbor, and smashing into a pole. I know what you’re thinking, where was mommy dearest, how could she let this happen? She was asleep people. Parents have to do that sometimes, just make sure you slee with your keys under your pillow from here on out.

Ah, this guy. Despite the massive attention and TV interviews this is a prime example of what NOT to do. Latarion Milton hit more than YouTube when he jacked his granny’s durango and set out to do “hoodrat stuff” with his friends. Hopefully Milton learned his lesson, but the fact that he had to total a car to do it….well that’s a pricey lesson.

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Last but not least the Biebs. Justin has a bad habit of loaning his luxury whips out to his friends. There are about 420 things that could influence Bieber to make these bad decisions but I’ll save the (remaining) refer puns for mid April. Not only has the wild driving by Justin’s cohorts caused the death of a paparazzi, but this latest fiasco involved rapper Lil Za whipping his homie’s white Ferrari with illegal tent. Oh yeah and no license. C’mon Justin!!!

Image Sources: Google, TMZ

3 Reasons Kid’s Shouldn’t Drive: Video