49ers’ Alex Smith To Another Team?


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Poor Alex Smith…at the beginning of the 2012 NFL season, he was the man that was supposed to lead San Francisco deep into the playoffs. He won the first three games to start the season, then suffered a concussion against the St. Louis Rams. From there, it’s been all Colin Kaepernick. All Jim Harbaugh needed was to see the potential that Kaepernick had as a starting QB in the NFL. In his first game, Kaepernick went 16 of 23 for 246 yards passing, 2 TDs, and no INTs against a stout Bears defense. That’s all Harbaugh needed. What did Alex Smith do wrong? Absolutely nothing. Kaepernick is just a freak of nature.

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Smith (11) and Kaepernick (7)

This year’s drafting class will be pretty thin in the quarterback department, leaving a lot of teams desiring Smith. It’s possible Smith could go to the Cleveland Browns since he’s worked with Norv Turner in the past, the Browns’ offensive coordinator. Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs have also expressed interest in Smith, as they are very desperate for a quality QB. Other teams that might pursue him include the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills.

Alex Smith isn’t a game-changing type of quarterback. He has sound fundamentals and will succeed with great players around him. The Chiefs have one of the most athletic wide receivers in Dwayne Bowe. He hasn’t been able to put up great numbers because he has no one throwing to him. I’d be really excited to see the type of production Bowe could have with a QB like Smith throwing to him. Andy Reid is anxious to get a good starting quarterback in Kansas City and Smith is the best guy on the market. My money is on Alex Smith to the Chiefs, because there is no way he’s staying in San Francisco.

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Dwayne Bowe making a spectacular catch.

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49ers’ Alex Smith To Another Team?