5 Movies To Watch While Stoned


Please make note that the writer of this article is not implying that he at all partakes in the usage of Marijuana. Furthermore, neither is the writer of this article suggesting that he doesn’t partake in the usage of Marijuana. This is an article to be interpreted on a metaphorical (or even metaphysical) level. Ok…let me stop bullsh*tting here are 5 of the best films to watch why you’re high.


charlie and the chocolate fact charlie and the chocolate factory 466442 1024 768 nqoqac 5 Movies To Watch While Stoned

I’m sure we all remember the original version of this film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factor that released in 1973. Well, that version can’t hold two candles to the sun that is the colorful Tim Burton rendition featuring Johnny Depp. And when you’re under the influence…this sh*t just rocks. But just say no kids. Just say no.


avatar wjlv4u 5 Movies To Watch While Stoned

First off, watching this movie un-high (if that makes sense) is already nothing short of sheer benevolence. From the story line, to the plot, to the colors, to the actors it just was like watching a dream play out in real time. Now, imagine that while being smacked.


TED TV Trailer 0000 xuuard 5 Movies To Watch While Stoned

Let’s see here. You have a grown ass man who is best friends with a talking Teddy Bear. That’s pretty much all that needs to be said. Yeah.


ice cube wants to do another friday qepwsh 5 Movies To Watch While Stoned

This is a hood classic. If you grew up in Suburbia you may be unfamiliar with this film, which will make it be all the more engaging when you watch it smacked.


alice in wonderland johnny depp 2036 cisfyc 5 Movies To Watch While Stoned

This is another Tim Burton film featuring the ingenuous Johnny Depp playing the character of the Mad Hatter. If you’ve read the book Alice In Wonderland, or even seen the cartoon version as a child, you’ll find that the movie captures the essence of both with while adding another dimension. However, in order to journey into that dimension without losing your mind, you may want to be stoned.

5 Movies To watch While Stoned