90 Days of Halloween: Day 76 – How to Survive a Haunting


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We have seen the Paranormal Activity movies, the Amityvilles , the Poltergeists  and all the other films they have inspired, so we have a reference point of what works and what doesn’t when you realize the house is haunted . You are faced with two choices, fight or flee. Most of the time when you are sitting in the theater watching this unfold you are screaming get out of the house, but we will take a look at both options.

Running only works if we are dealing with ghosts and not demons. Demons are attached to people and ghosts to place. Even the paranormal works of a certain science of its on. Ghosts are imprints of dead people. They are hung up on a trauma or resentment and unable to make the transition into the next phase of their journey. Demons by most mythologies were never human and exist in an inter-dimensional plane , much like aliens. More scientific minds have speculated them to be an imprint of dark energy exuded from the collective consciousness, that is why they are thought to be the left overs from things like devil worship, the metaphysical fart so to speak.

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We aren’t getting into exorcisms here as we are just looking at hauntings so that elimanates  demons , but we have many days left to get to them. So right now we are just focusing on ghosts and they break down into two basic types, the friendly …we will call them Caspers and then the not so nice variety which manifest as Poltergiests.

Even the meanest poltergeist will not bite or scratch you, they might slam door and knock things over, shake you at of bed, but if they can bit or scratch you then it’s a demon not a ghost. This is why we brought demons up in the first place. If you don’t know your problem how can you find a solution. Solutions are what ghosts want, Caspers might even get agitated and start slamming doors, if they feel like they are not being notice. This is common with ghost since they are invisible. They just want to know everything is going to be alright, the problem is …it’s not they are dead and need to come to terms with this so you are going to be playing therapist.

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As a ghost therapist reading a book on the stages of grief is a good start as you re going to be helping them to grieve their own deaths. Angry ghosts are holding onto a resentment, they want justice or were so traumatized by their deaths they are stuck. The thing about resentment is the past isn’t real, so there is nothing they or you for that matter can do to change it. So this is a little tougher and might take some Googling to look into the house’s history and any clues as to what might have gone down before you drain your pool and dig up your entire back yard.

Like most things it life nothing has to be a big deal unless you decide to make it one, so don’t panic. If you panic the ghost will panic then every one is running scared, under reacting is better than over all, because if you just ignore them and tell your self it’s just the wind they fade away, but like people every one reacts differently to the cold shoulder, so if one of these doesn’t work try the alternate approach.

90 Days of Halloween: Day 76 – How to Survive a Haunting