90 Days of Halloween: Day 78 – How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse


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If you are using shows like the Walking Dead  or movies like well anything Romero has made as a reference point to surviving a zombie apocalypse you might be doing it wrong. The key to zombie survival isn’t to take in the cliches but to not what doesn’t work and repeat others mistakes.

First off don’t travel with any one you are emotionally attached to. You will always want to go back and save them and get eaten in the process. Once you recognize the magnitude of the situation go ahead and grieve for them as you walk away or even kill them if you are up to it to spare them whats to come but bonding on the road to ruin is fatal.

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Cut your hair and wear form fitting clothing. You don’t want anything to get caught on a tree limb or in a chain length fence if you are forced to flee. This also give zombies less to grab onto to  pull you into them.  They are not dangerous one on one if you at least know how to bar fight, but like in football if one grabs you it can slow you down until others can pile on.

Keep moving, the days of home sweet home are gone. The temptation to board yourself up and live off your supplies until help comes is fear based and natural, but in the end it leaves you a sitting duck to wake up one morning and find yourself surrounded. Sleep in hammocks above ground at least seven feet. Get use to climbing trees. In urban landscapes things like fire escapes and play ground are good spots to look for. Zombies are proven to navigate stairs but not ladders. If you are in the burbs children’s tree houses are excellent spots.

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Go on the offense. Start working out and training now, so you are prepared, that way you are not cowering in your car or home. Don’t get too reliant on your fire arm, as bullets will run out and be the first thing scavengers look for you really only need a gun to protect yourself from other humans. When you enter an area try to clean the perimeter. Be smart, Look for single shufflers, don’t make noise or raise alarm, obviously don’t fight them in groups.

Supplies nothing more than a back pack you can run with. Don’t bring anything because of sentimental value that will weigh you down from being able to maintain a full sprint. Good shoes are the most important. Steel toes Doc Martens your best bet once you have worn them in enough to run in. The less exposed skin the better, wear layers, but not to the point of being cumbersome mobility is the key. Happy hunting.

90 Days of Halloween: Day 78- How to survive a zombie apocalypse