A-Rod, Braun To Be Suspended


braun rodriguez pu3jao A Rod, Braun To Be Suspended

It’s confirmed. After much talk and speculation over the first half of the season, Major League Baseball has confirmed that there will be suspensions to Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and up to 20 other players. Commissioner Bud Selig is expected to follow through with the suspensions after the All-Star break.

ryan braun fybfhr A Rod, Braun To Be Suspended

All of this comes as a result of the Biogenesis clinic based out of Miami that was providing PEDs for players. Tony Bosch, the founder of the clinic, finally cooperated with the investigation which has allowed the MLB to build cases against Braun and A-Rod. They could possibly be suspended up to 100 games once the case is closed.

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This might actually be good news for the Yankees Organization. They’re completely married to A-Rod for several more years with his contract, but the suspension could give them an out. Once Rodriguez is suspended, the Yankees can get reimbursed through insurance up to 70%.

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A-Rod, Braun To Be Suspended