Akira By G-Shock 30th Anniversary Watches


Akira red gshock Akira By G Shock 30th Anniversary Watches

Anime Akira creator, Katsuhiro Otomo and Casio collaborates to celebrate the G-Shock 30th Anniversary. The Akira x G-Shock watches celebrate the first publication of the manga series. The Akira by G-Shock DW 6900 Kaneda has a matching red band and bezel. The motif featured on this watch says “GOOD FOR HEALTH BAD FOR EDUCATION” on the band.This motif is also featured on the license of Akira character Kaneda.

Sourcs: G-Shock Zone

akira white gshock Akira By G Shock 30th Anniversary Watches

The Akira x G-Shock DW-5600 Neo Tokyo has a matching white band and bezel with a red detailed dial. The model shows the Akira logo with the words “July 1988 – World War III Breaks Loose. Then, in 2019, in Megaropolis Tokyo…’ on the band and the numerals 28 on the caseback. These Akira G-Shock watches are set to be released on April 30. Akira fans will have to snatch these up quick because they are sure to be limited.