Albums That Are Never Coming Out


Dr Dre Dr Dre   Detox Is Coming front large u1sma7 Albums That Are Never Coming Out

Albums being pushed back is nothing new in the industry. Albums getting scraped is nothing new either. Artist promising albums that will never ever come out is also a growing trend. Sometimes it’s out of the artist control. They may have label issues. They may have a creative block. Sometimes they just like to screw around with fans. Fan wait and wait for months, sometimes years for their favorite artist to put something out and it never comes. There are a few projects you should stop waiting for. Here is a list of albums that will never come out.

Ghostface Killah and MF Doom
Doom x GFK 600x295 gsfait Albums That Are Never Coming Out
News broke years ago of Ghostface Killah and MF Doom doing an album together. Hip Hop purest all over got excited. The thought of Tony Stark and Doom teaming up was mind blowing. The rhymes on that album would be unbelievable. Years passed. Ghost put out some other projects. Wu Tang got back together. MF Doom is still no where to be found. Ghost said about a year ago that the album was almost finished, he’s just waiting on Doom to finish vocals. It doesn’t take a year to finish vocals. The idea is a dream come true to 90s hip hop heads, but all it ever will be is a dream.

An Outkast Album
Outkast001 ixj7u0 Albums That Are Never Coming Out
This one is the most heartbreaking. Outkast is technically still together. However, they haven’t put out music together in years. Their last album wasn’t even of them together, it was two solo albums packaged together. Since then, Big Boi has released two solo albums and 3000 has killed everyone’s song with his guest verses. But 3000 refuses to reunite with Big Boi. Big Boi is ready but 3000 keeps making up excuses. It’s sad because they predicted it in Aquemini. I guess they closed the curtains on him and I.

J Cole & Kendrick Lamar
j cole kendrick lamar ywftmy Albums That Are Never Coming Out
This might still happen. But I highly doubt it. J Cole and Kendrick Lamar work great together. Both of them are great lyricist. They announced that they would make an album together a couple years ago. Since announcing that, Kendrick Lamar has become the hottest rapper in the game and J Cole has kind of played the background. Both of them are signed to major labels now and don’t have the freedom to do music as easily as before. Plus Kendrick is in high demand now. It’s like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y making an how fly 2. Yes they made another mixtape together, but look at how long it took because of the new found level of fame Wiz reached.

Jay Electronica – Act II
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It’s been almost 3 years Jay!! WTF! Remember the excitement when Exhibit C dropped?! Jay Electronica was suppose to do what Kendrick Lamar did, save Hip Hop. That was 2009. In 4 years, we’ve heard one song. One song. Jay signed to Rocnation and we thought things had changed. Nope. Although Jay Electronica is one of the most magical lyricist you will ever hear in your life, it’s time to give up hope on an album ever coming out.

Dr. Dre – Detox
Dr Dre Dr Dre   Detox Is Coming front large u1sma7 Albums That Are Never Coming Out
Detox is the biggest practical joke in music ever. Dr Dre has been promising this album for over 10 years now. Numerous people have said it’s done. Schoolboy Q said a year or so ago that it’s only a mix away. Before that, the game said it was done like 5 or 6 years ago. Before that, 50 Cent and Eminem said it was done like 7 years ago. Dre even dropped a single last summer just to play with our minds some more. Detox doesn’t exist. If you’re still waiting for detox, I feel really bad for you.

Albums That Are Never Coming Out