America and our Athletes


With Labor Day today, I thought why not spotlight one of the things that are most important to Americans. Our sports!

Every Sunday during September to march we have our annual football countdown. Yes football. Good ole’ fashion pigskin! Football is what America unique. Not other country has American football, and no other country will reach the success of America with our football.

We put our football stars on the spotlight, and the great thing is we support our teams like they are our children. Out of all 33 NFL teams, there are rivals. Rivals ahh, the beauty of the sport. We kick and we scratch. We love hard, and will do anything for the great sport of football.

FOOTBALL 3 America and our Athletes


Football players in America are put on a pedestal so high, and we admire them. Young children look up to football players more than their parents. That’s what’s funny. When were younger and asked who do you want to be like when you’re older? All around the classroom you’ll hear, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Terry Bradshaw, etc. But once someone says, “I want to be like my mom, or dad.” “WHAT!” The other children will say.

mike michael vick eagles football nfl America and our Athletes

Why do we put athletes on a pedestal in America? They are so important to us, and our society. They are the arguably the biggest money makers besides movie stars, singers, etc. Sometimes they do not so good things. But we still put them on a pedestal.

When I was younger, I don’t remember really putting anyone on a pedestal, well athlete wise. Now that I’m older, I aspire to be more like people in my job range. People around the same idea as myself. Successful people.

Here is a question to ask. Are athletes successful? I would say so. You know success is put in many, many different forms. So in some weird cases, yes. Athletes are successful. They are successful in the job that they do. And they will forever be remembered for that job that they do.

Is it good that we put athletes on such a high standing? Yes, and no. There is this thing called an ego, and some have it bigger than others. The bigger the ego, the more the person or athlete in this case. Let’s take a look at TO, and Chad Johnson, the man formly known as Chad Ochocino, and even Ron Artest. Three men who are good at what they do, but a big problem that stops them from possibly being the best at what they can do is there ego.

Basketball Derrick Rose America and our Athletes


They love the attention, I mean they LOVE the attention. On twitter about two weeks ago Ron Artest trolled and said that he and TO were going to do a show together! I was like, aw yea! That would be reality tv gold, all you would need is just add in Chad Johnson. They’d be bigger than the Kardashians. But nope, he was lying. He just wanted attention.

Let’s turn the attention to good ole’ fashion baseball! We all love baseball right? How often do you drive by a park and see a little league game on, or when you go do your daily run at the park you see games. It seems like during the spring and summer months baseball is ALWAYS going on somewhere. Heck they even released Baseball, and Softball from the olympics because it was mainly an American sport. Something we should take pride in.

Our baseball stars are something different from basketball players, and football players. They seem to be more down to earth, but I would also say we don’t put them on a pedestal as much as we put our basketball players, and baseball players. The big baseball players we mainly hear about are A-rod with all his celebrity girlfriends, Derek Jeter, the Yankees. We hear about the Yankees players a lot outside of the game. I don’t know if it’s because they are in New York City or what.. but they seem to be the only ones.

is baseball american 1 America and our Athletes


Hockey is another sport that we love in America. It may not be that big compared to other countries but it’s good. It generates a lot of fans, and it brings money to our market! Just like all the other sports.

hockey stanley cup 1 America and our Athletes


And you know the “sport” and I quote sport when talking about this next thing because I don’t consider it a sport. But Nathan’s hot dog eating contest! Eww! Have you ever watched one of those things! Like people take pride in stuffing down 50+ hot dogs! Only in America… but they also have burping contest, ramen noodle eating contest, cupcake eating contest! The people are so skinny too! Imagine being 130 pounds, and being able to stuff down 50+ hotdogs, and staying that weight! Sounds great right!

But the no matter how nasty the hot dog eating contest is, it’s an American tradition! And many Americans take pride in them.

Have a safe, and enjoyable 4th of July everyone! Play with the fireworks nicely, and eat lots and lots of food!


(America and our athletes)