America Can Earn $20 Billion By Going ‘Green’


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672 America Can Earn $20 Billion By Going Green

Representatives Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Jared Polis of Colorado are introducing a bill today that would essentially allow states to legalize marijuana and not face backlash from Federal agents. In lieu of the man backing off, the plan would allow for annual taxes to be placed on the plants growers and distributors that is roughly estimated to bring in about $20 billion (with a B) in yearly tax revenue to go towards Law Enforcement Agencies, The National Deficit, and a few other sectors that need a little pocket change.

This of course is a direct response to the recent legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington. While experts believe it could take years for this bill to pass the fact that it is seeing the light right now is a step in the right direction.

But besides all the Wiz Khalifa fans and glaucoma patients that will be overjoyed with this news, this is big for almost every major industry in America. Farming, Construction, Clothing, Pharmaceutical, and textile companies are just a few industries that can see massive products if this hazy dream becomes a sobering reality. We found this documentary on youtube explaining a wide range of solutions outside of college keggers where cannabis could literally save the world. Unlike most, it’s short and sweet.

Image Source: MemeBase

America Can Earn $20 Billion By Going ‘Green’.