Andy Reid Wanted Smith In Philly


reid smith woecc4 Andy Reid Wanted Smith In Philly

Alex Smith was just what the doctor ordered in Kansas City. For a team with no leadership at the quarterback position, Smith is the perfect solution. Once Andy Reid was hired by the Chiefs, Smith was brought over from San Francisco almost immediately.

In Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, he talked about how Reid admitted to the New York Times that he wanted Smith in Philly. Here’s the excerpt:

In the New York Times Sunday, he admitted he’d twice tried to trade for Alex Smith while in Philadelphia. He didn’t say when, and he told me that while it was true, he didn’t remember exactly when it was. Once was around the time the Eagles were in the process of fact-finding on Michael Vick before they signed him. “I just always watched him and thought, ‘Man, I’d like to coach that kid,’ ” Reid said of Smith.

It was the best move for everyone involved. Andy Reid and the Chiefs got their leader, the 49ers got some draft picks, and Alex Smith has his chance to start again and turn KC around. It’ll be an interesting season to see what happens.

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Andy Reid Wanted Smith In Philly