Anybody Heard Of Tout.Com?


Tout is an platform that allows users to upload 15-second video clips by way of Iphone/Android phone or webcams. The videos that are posted to Tout are then shared in real time to social networking platforms such as FaceBook and Twitter. Now that the brief description mumbo jumbo is out of the way, who actually uses this application?


what is tout  Anybody Heard Of Tout.Com?

Well just recently Shaq uploaded a video ‘touting’ (I’m guessing) from the SuperBowl. It was a hilarious clip of him singing along with Beyonce’s performance. In addition to it being outrageously funny, it allowed fans to be put into the perspective of a celebrity. To see that celebrities are human beings just like everyone else. Here we have Shaq enjoying the SuperBowl, appearing to be in the stands with everyone else, watching Beyonce’s performance just like everyone else.

Keep an eye on this Tout thing. It just might be next up.

Anybody Heard Of Tout.Com?