Are You Enrolled In The Natty Academy?


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Whether you know it or not, you may be enrolled in the Natty Academy. You either are or you’re not. Peruse this short questionnaire. If any or all of these statements describe you, then you are enrolled in the Natty Academy.

1. I drink to get drunk.

2. I am on a budget, so I drink cheap beer.

3. I chug, shotgun, and play a lot of beer pong.

4. I have never sat down at a bar and paid $5 for a beer.

5. I don’t to drink beer if I’m not partying.  

I used to be in the Natty Academy myself. My first year of drinking was almost exclusively natty. I didn’t know what quality beer was. I didn’t know it existed. But now, I’m an Alum. I graduated from the Natty Academy. But before I go one, I wan’t to clarify the types of beers in the Natty Academy.

Natural Light, Icehouse, Keystone, Schlitz, Busch Light, Miller Light.keystone30stone e1358976323738 Are You Enrolled In The Natty Academy?

Beers such as Miller High Life and Coors Light can sometimes be considered part of the Academy. Rolling Rock, PBR, and Bud Light are not part of the Academy.

Hopefully all of you in the Natty Academy will someday graduate. When you do graduate, you’ll know then that life is different that it used to be. The beverage you drink reflects the social scene you occupy. Eventually, getting sloshed 4 nights out of the week will get old, believe. When you feel this happening, you are a senior in the Natty Academy. However, some people leave the Academy temporarily, maybe coming back years later to take classes once more.

You know you are an alumni when you start drinking beers like Sierra Nevada, Terrapin, Sweet Water, Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, Ace Joker Cider, etc.Bells Two Hearted Full e1358976496809 Are You Enrolled In The Natty Academy?

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Are You Enrolled In The Natty Academy?