B.J. Upton Finally Showing Up?


bj upton dugout xwmvav B.J. Upton Finally Showing Up?

The Atlanta Braves signed B.J. Upton to the largest contract in franchise history this offseason. He’ll be with the Braves for five years earning $75.25 million. You could say Atlanta had some hefty expectations. They NEVER thought the season would pan out like it has for B.J. His numbers are pretty abysmal: .200 AVG, .281 OBP, 25 RBI, 9 HR, and 132 SO. Ouch.

bj upton jmedm9 B.J. Upton Finally Showing Up?

There’s good news though if you’re a Braves fan. In the last seven games, B.J. has hit for a .440 AVG going 11-for-25 and has raised his average 17 points in the process. That’s better than any stretch he’s had this season. Sad, yes…but there’s hope. With the injury to Jason Heyward, Atlanta was going to need some kind of lift and Upton has stepped up. This is the B.J. Upton that the Braves thought they were getting when they signed him. We’ll see if he can keep it up and carry the Braves to home field advantage in October.

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B.J. Upton Finally Showing Up?