Bad Grandpa Is Coming


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Like most people out there, I was sad to see the Jackass trilogy come to an end. For some reason I can’t comprehend, watching people hurt themselves intentionally is really, really funny. I can understand why they only made 3 though, because their bodies probably couldn’t handle it anymore. You can only shove a toy car up your ass or get bit by snapping turtles so many times before your physical condition is going to get significantly worse.

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Fortunately for us, Johnny Knoxville knows what the people want, and he is going to give it to us quite soon. He may not be hurting himself or others, but he sure as hell is going to draw some crazy reactions with the new movie “Bad Grandpa.”

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I think they used to have this skit on Jackass every once in a while, and it was one of the funnier ones so they decided to turn it into a full film.

I love videos where people do ridiculous things and film the reactions of those around them, so the concept of this movie really interests me. I don’t know what I would do if I saw a grandpa giving his grandson a monster wedgie, but it would probably be to laugh. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t know but I wouldn’t react like most of the people in the trailer.

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I really hope they have a reveal portion at the end where Knoxville explains it’s all a movie and that he is the grandpa, but even if they don’t it’d still be worth the watch. I know I’ll be going to the Phipp’s plaza AMC to watch this thing in those comfy recliners as soon as it comes out!
What do you think about Bad Grandpa’s trailer? Do you think it will be just as good, better or worse than Jackass? Comment Below!
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Bad Grandpa Is Coming