Beast Mode Achieved: Quadruple Double


When it comes to record breaking plays and super star nights we usually look to the NBA stars to post up stats. Well that’s all changed now that a prep school kid has dominated a rival team with an outstandingly rare quadruple-double game. This has only happened four times in the NBA.

Towns 593x350 Beast Mode Achieved: Quadruple Double

St. Joseph’s student athlete Karl Towns Jr managed to block 11 shots, grab 17 rebounds and dish the rock for 11 assists, couple those impressive stats with the 16 points he put up and that’s the basketball equivalent to winning the Power Ball. It’s no secret that the 6’10″ 225 lb center has got some impressive skills. Colleges are beating down his door.With the ability to shoot from either shoulder and facilitate the ball with League-like finesse, I have an idea that we will be hearing this 2015 (or 2014 possibly) grad’s name alot more.

Image Source: Yahoo

Beast Mode Achieved: Quadruple Double