Best Computer Games From A Cereal Box


The prizes that Kellogg’s puts in cereal boxes as a way of luring children is generally of even lower quality than the crap found in a Mack Shack happy meal. What’s more disappointing is that now you have to send in all kinds of receipts and proof of purchases to the company just to get a prize. Many times you have to register your name and email address on the internet just to get a whiff of a prize. It was not always this way. The late 1990′s were hallmarked by a wave of quality items dormant in cereal boxes. It was in this era that I first held in my hand a color changing spoon. It came from a Trix box. I don’t care, if Trix are for kids, that silly rabbit can have all the cereal he wants. He gave me a color changing spoon. Even then, a quality catch was rare. Finding something in a cereal box that didn’t end up under the sofa after one day was like finding a diamond in the rough. Every so often, I’d open a cereal box and dig out a prize that I loved, as though an angel of breakfast descended from the clouds and placed it in the palm of my hand. The best prizes that ever came from the depths of a cereal box were CD Rom computer games. Windows 95 was a slick operating system in its time, coming pre-installed with Snake, Ski Free, and Rodents Revenge. Along with these games and others, kids across America played the heck out of ’90s Kellogg’s games. Which ones did you play? Any of these?

Chex Quest

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Chex Quest is a 1st person shooter highly reminiscent of the original Doom game. Set on a distant planet named Bazoik, the game follows a warrior wearing a suit of Chex armor He fights to eradicate various globular concoctions of mucus, cleverly named Flemoids. His only weapon is a device called a “zorcher”, which teleports his enemies instead of killing them. Riddles with secret passageways, locked doors, and elevator keys, Chex Quest was the first game ever included in a cereal box.

Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchling Adventure

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This gem consisted of raising your cute, furry, crunchling to be faster, stronger, and better.  Its ears get dirty and full of wax and must be routinely cleaned. It requires constant petting and tickling, and it only eats dry Cap’n Crunch. Sounds like the perfect hero to defeat the Crunchium thief. Did you ever notice how much Cap’n’s mustache wiggles when he talks?

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Roller Coaster 593x409 Best Computer Games From A Cereal Box

Nothing makes you feel like big time developer and God at the same time like RCT does. This leisurely game depends of the efficiency, diversity, and arrangement of rides at an amusement park. This game became highly successful, and many sequels followed the original demo that came in a cereal box.


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Best Computer Games From A Cereal Box