Beyonce Admits She Wasn’t Singing Live At Inauguration


On the count of three, I need all of the great people of Soletron to give me a great big, loud, vibrant, and obnoxious “So What?”. So what if she was singing live or lip-singing. It’s Beyonce we are talking about here, not Milli Vanilli. There had to be some sort of explanation as to why she chose not actually sing live and she addressed it as such. Of course, instead of paying attention to more important things like the (I don’t know) Inauguration itself, we as Americans would rather dispute and discuss whether a pop star was being a …pop star? I don’t get it.

beyonce superbowl Beyonce Admits She Wasnt Singing Live At Inauguration

Either way, according to sources Bey didn’t feel comfortable performing it live because she didn’t get adequate practice. If you’re a perfectionist you can ‘perfectly’ understand what that feels like. If you’re not a perfectionist…well, that would explain a lot now wouldn’t it?

For more information on Beyonce’s Superbowl Performance head over to .

Can’t wait for Sunday. Go Falcons! (Oh, wait)

Beyonce Admits She Wasn’t Singing Live At Inauguration