Bow Wow Chooses Acting Over Rapping


bow wow 106 and park1 Bow Wow Chooses Acting Over Rapping

Shad Moss, also known as 106 & Park star Bow Wow, has been ridiculed significantly regarding his music career since his early successes as a youngster. And it’s safe to say that the successes of Lil Bow Wow are extremely unique in comparison to the successes of the Bow Wow we see today. Musically, Bow Wow has had trouble truly capturing a genuine audience. This isn’t anything new with child stars. Mostly all of them go through it. There is a proverbial brick wall that all adolescent stars hit once they get to a certain age. There are very few who actually survive that brick wall.

bowow 106nparkhosts Bow Wow Chooses Acting Over Rapping

Those that do go beyond that wall did it by redefining themselves. For example, Michael Jackson, was a child star known mainly from being the leader of the Jackson 5. Once he got older, he had to separate himself for the group to stand alone. He became known not only for being a charismatic singer but for overall performance in general. This is what has to happen with Bow Wow. In an interview with Bow Wow states that he prefers to act over rapping. He states that, ironically, in movies he is allowed to be himself. He’s not acting. He’s being Shad Moss. Acting gives him the opportunity to more accurately portray who he already is. It’s probably safe to say that being Bow Wow limits Shad Moss. And 3 albums and 6 movies later, I think it’s also safe to say that Bow Wow prefers the freedom of film over the parameters of rap music.

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Bow Wow Chooses Acting Over Rapping