Boy bands, Boy bands! They are EVERYWHERE!


What is one thing that teenage girls thrive over! Ever heard of Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, or even Harry Styles, or how about Zayn Malik? Yes, no? Maybe so? Well, they are the biggest boy band in the world right now, and it looks like they started a trend.

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Ever since there third place finish on the British X factor 3 years ago, One Direction have been certified Superstars. They seem to have everything! Money, Fame, Girls chasing them everywhere they go, the good looks they have. Simon Cowell really knows a money maker when he sees it.

After the short years of One Directions success, it looks like so many other boy bands or wannabe boy bands I should say are trying to make it to their success. Let’s see.

The wanted:

The+Wanted+at+the+39th+Annual+Peoples+Choice+Awards  Boy bands, Boy bands! They are EVERYWHERE!

The Wanted have been together for a while now, and grew to fame with their single “Glad you came.” The Wanted like One direction are a five piece boy band, and go by the names, Siva, Max, Nathan, Tom, and Jay. They’re a little bit older, less famous, and might be a lot more experience, if you know what I mean. Oh yea, and they have a famous rivalry with One Direction. Very entertaining. Oh yea, and they have a reality show on the E! Channel called “The Wanted Life.”

Union J

Union+J Boy bands, Boy bands! They are EVERYWHERE!

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Josh, JJ, George, and Jaymi are what they are called. Just like One Direction they got their fame from coming in 3rd place on the X-factor UK. But one thing that is different is that three of them Josh, JJ, and Jaymi were together before, and then George came into the mix when they were on the X-factor. Now, they are Union J. And what a great match they make. There achieving success fast, and they’re winning the hearts of teenage girls out their one by one.

Boy Band Project

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The un-named young boy band who go by the name of “Boy Band Project.” are a young and rising group. They are based in LA, and try to get their success off of YouTube. Earlier in the year they performed a cover of Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors. They are young, cute, and they can sing. They have everything they need to become famous and successful. They go by the names; Levi, Mathias, Nick, Brandon, and Zac.


m 3024113 NJgVDAYefgga Boy bands, Boy bands! They are EVERYWHERE!


Overload is the newest, and freshest boy band out there. Just like Union J, and One direction, and The Wanted they are the British! Seems like Britain is the place to create a good boy band. Overload is always blowing up twitter with the most twitter trends, they are always blowing up Twitter with their follow sprees. Have you seen them also? They look like clones of one direction, well 4 of them. It’ll be interesting to see if they grow big like one direction, or any big boy bands in the past.

Do you like boy bands? How about NSYNC, or Backstreet boys? Any of them? Tell me what you think.


(Boy bands, Boy bands! They are EVERYWHERE!)