Bradley Cooper Joins Lance Armstrong Movie


According to reports, Bradley Cooper has signed on for a still-developing Lance Armstrong movie. Cooper is joining “Red Blooded American” as a producer and will play a major role in the film.

bradley cooper meggoj Bradley Cooper Joins Lance Armstrong Movie


It’s unclear what character Bradley will play – Lance Armstrong himself or Tyler Hamilton, Armstrong’s longtime buddy and ex-teammate. This is not the only Armstrong movie in production though, there are plenty more - Jay Roach and Warner Bros.’ version, which is the one Bradley Cooper is attached to, there’s a J.J. Abrams film in the works at Paramount, and Stephen Frears’ Working Title.

We previously reported that Ben Foster has already been cast as the lead in Stephen Frears forthcoming film about the fall of the seven-time Tour de France champion. There were reports that Cooper was approached by Abrams for his film, but he has since denied those reports.

Who do you think Bradley Cooper should play?


SOURCE: Huffington Post, Deadline

Bradley Cooper Joins Lance Armstrong Movie