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The garage in most homes is the resting place of all things awesome. Whether the setup of a so-named “garage band”, the work shop, chill spot, or general home of adolescent mischief and reverie, the garage is the little piece of heaven in your own home. That said it makes sense that a brand named after this almost magical place is bound to be great.

garage zen tee Brand of the Day   Garage

Garage didn’t start out as a clothing brand though. Originally it was just a skateshop in Huntington Beach, California.

The original opened as “Jack’s Garage” in 1995 by Jack’s Surfboards as a skateshop that would offer snow products in the winter. Jack’s wanted to offer a larger selection of skate products and with the surf shop bursting at the seams the only way they could have the room for more merchandise was to use an available retail space 2 doors down. The new space was much smaller than the surf shop and would be used to hold all the new skate and snow gear that couldn’t fit in the main store. This new retail space was referred to as the garage and Jack’s Garage was born.

When the Garage became notable as a streetwear and skatewear shop, it tried its hand in the business, to great success.

garage pyramid tee Brand of the Day   Garage

Now, Garage clothing has some of the best in urban clothing, specializing in tees and hats including its own local spins on the hometown baseball fitted.

garage la cap Brand of the Day   Garage

garage hb cap Brand of the Day   Garage

The clothing is perfect for a day on the beach, hanging out in the neighborhood, or out and about on the town. and due to its colorful stylings meshes well with the sneakerhead aesthetic.

Don’t let this unique men’s clothing line fool you with its adaptability. Its core is still Southern California’s skate scene. Garage has its own decks and wheels for the skater in your life.

garage skate deck Brand of the Day   Garage

If you’re in search for some quality and comfortable skate clothing that’s also good less bustling activity and is just plain fresh, get your hands on some Garage.

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Brand of the Day – Garage