Bye, Tebow!


tim tebow patriots g2orjp Bye, Tebow!

News broke this weekend that the New England Patriots released Tim Tebow in order to get to their required roster number. Bill Belichick spoke to the media and didn’t deny the possibility that Tebow could be brought back on the team at some point during the season. Even though he didn’t deny it, it’s not going to happen. I’ve seen a few articles listing teams that could or should pick Tim Tebow up and none of it’s going to happen.

I really like the guy. I don’t know Tebow as a person, but the way that he comes off and the way that he carries himself I think he’s one of the best role models in professional sports. Unfortunately, I think his time in pro sports is over. I’ve read a lot of his interviews and he’s always said that he feels that football is his platform to make a difference in the world. I agree 100 percent! I’m just wondering if it’s his platform anymore.

tim tebow praying qtm058 Bye, Tebow!

The only team that would make sense for Tebow to go to is the Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s a Jacksonville native and the people of Florida worship the guy, but nobody on their staff is willing to bring him on. The Jaguars who can’t sellout a single game aren’t willing to bring Tebow in, so why would anyone else?

Tim, it’s been fun knowing you, but I think Tebow Mania is coming to an end.

Image Sources: gamedayr, cnn

Bye, Tebow!