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Camouflage being worn outside of the military was once a rarity. There was a time where if you wore camouflage, you were considered a thug or a weirdo. I’m no thug, nor am I a weirdo, but I’ve always loved wearing “camo.” I really appreciate seeing people of all walks of life in well put together camouflaged outfits.

The rise of camouflage in fashion is a beautiful thing. Seeing fashionable women in fatigues is definitely becoming a new past time of mine. Women have way more “camo” options than men.

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White Dress X Military Jacket

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 Oversized Fatigue Sweatshirt X Leather Skirt

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The Slim Fit Camouflage Jeggings and Heels, My Favorite “G.I. Jane” Look

The over saturation of fatigues in pop culture has taken my love for camouflage to new heights. I’ve become very selective with the camouflage pieces I put on.Like most people, I pride myself on individuality. A biological twin is the only twin I’d be able to accept. It was said that famed mob boss John Gotti would de-clothed people that dressed like him. Gotti would be turning fashion shows into nudist parties if he was apart today’s fashion society.

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Camouflaged Wristwear by Nooka

 Camouflage Couture Culture

Camouflaged Footwear by New Balance X Ball and Buck

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Camouflaged Crewneck by Billionaire Boys Club

Camouflage becoming as prevalent as it has today in mainstream culture, is one of the biggest “from nothing to something” stories in fashion. Urban culture is often overlooked for setting trends in mainstream fashion. I think its safe to say that the two year marriage between Camouflage and Couture can be credited to the hip-hop community. Fashionistas frowned upon camouflage for many years. Today if you go to a fashion blog, camouflage is more praised than a sculptured god in denim.

Ironic how the initial use of camouflage was to hide. Today, camouflage is one of the best ways to be seen.

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Camouflage Couture Culture