Can 49ers Survive Injuries?


michael crabtree h0csgm Can 49ers Survive Injuries?

The San Francisco 49ers offseason hasn’t gone quite like they’d imagined. With one of the most explosive and talented young quarterbacks in the league and a stout defense, the world was at their fingertips. Unfortunately, the injury bug has bitten the 49ers early and often.

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Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree are expected to miss a good chunk of time with their respective injuries. Manningham is still recovering from a knee injury and Crabtree tore his Achilles earlier in the summer. With their wide receiver core dwindling, they will rely heavily on Anquan Boldin.

The defense hasn’t had much luck either. Linebacker Patrick Willis is dealing with a hand injury through training camp and news just broke that cornerback Chris Culliver will be out for the season with a torn ACL.

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The 49ers are good enough to overcome these injuries, but they definitely can’t handle much more. They will still be a top contender for the NFC title and even the Super Bowl. We’ll see how they respond.

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Can 49ers Survive Injuries?