Can A Guy Respect A Girl If They Have Sex On The First Night?


If a guy is physically attracted to you, it is normal for him to make a pass on the first date.
Some guys stop at a kiss, but there are some who take it further.

Most women follow the “no sex on the first date” rule, but there are women out there who don’t mind shacking up on the first night.

Often times, those women are ridiculed and labeled whores, sluts and/or “easy”.

“Even though I may try to have sex with a girl on the first night, I’d prefer if she turned me down. If she doesn’t, I assume she’s DTF anyone on the first night,” said LaShawn, a 22-year-old male from East Point, Ga.

Generally, men expect women to be nuns in the streets, but freaks in the sheets. It’s the double standard that isn’t fair, but is always there.

However, we live in a new era where there are girls who know what they want from guys and having sex on the first night doesn’t affect that.

“I personally have never had sex with a guy after our first date, but I do have some friends who own up to their sexual desires and go after them. I don’t think that makes them a whore or easy. Guys are just too weak to take the game that they dish out to girls,” said Ashley, a 20-year-old from College Park, Ga.

“Some women seek one-night-stands just as men do. There is nothing wrong with that as long as they are prepared for the consequences.”

It’s sad, but it is likely that those consequences include being negatively judged.

On the other hand, outliers do exist.

Some guys understand that being a young adult in today’s world is different than it was thirty years ago; when women were domestic assets that should be seen and not heard.

“I’ve learned that you can’t judge a book by its cover these days. If a girl puts it down on me after the first date, it’ll make me even more attracted to her and I’ll look to further our relationship. Sometimes it may not go past friends with benefits, but if that’s what she wants; I can respect it,” said Dev, a 24-year-old from Athens, Ga.

Certainly whether or not a guy can respect a girl, who has sex with him after the first date, is dependent upon the individual. However, I’d like to think as time progresses men will be more susceptible to women’s exploration of their sexuality.

Image Source: Dating Inspiration Online

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