Cartel Bling


Nowadays, the Mexican drug cartel is taking the word “bling” to a whole new level.
gold gun qflmsi Cartel Bling
It’s not simply enough to have huge gold chains, diamond studded teeth, or fancy cars anymore. Now to stay ahead of the curve you’ve got to be strapped with an arsenal of blinged out guns.

mexican diamond drug guns q1phow Cartel Bling

Mexican military officials have confiscated numerous gold plated AK47s, diamond studded pistols, and pretty much anything else you can imagine from cartel members involved in weapons busts.

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Unfortunately that’s a real sign of the power of these cartels in today’s day in age. Where they have enough money to spend more on committing murders and other violent crimes than some hard working people spend on houses or cars.

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I can only speculate as to how much a diamond encrusted assault rifle would sell for on the black market, but I’m relatively positive that it wouldn’t be cheap. If they are spending this kind of money on guns, imagine what the cartels are spending on other aspects of their “business.”
What do you think one of these would cost? Have you ever seen a gold plated or diamond studded gun? Comment Below!
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Cartel Bling