Chappelle Returns To The Stage


dave chappelle telndz Chappelle Returns To The Stage

When Dave Chappelle quit show business in 2005, he was the most popular comic at the time. He had a hit show on comedy central, The Chappelle Show, and his departure left many very confused. In his interviews he steadily referred to his discomfort with the way many had interpreted his work as a reason for leaving the show. Most just decided that he was insane. Since then he has become a reclusive and mysterious figure in the public sphere.

The comedian has been movie slowly but surely back into the spotlight over the last year. Chappelle has evolved as a performer and his humor is coming from a darker place than it did when he first exploded on to the scene. His jokes do not shy away from his leaving Hollywood, in fact he openly refers to it. He will be headlining the Oddball Comedy an Curiousity Festival presented by Funny or Die. The tour will span fifteen cities and kicks off in Austin, Texas.

There has bee shockingly little coverage of Chappele’s comeback in the press. There was a brief mention of it in Ebony and a long piece in The New York Times, but beyond that it has been a fairly well kept secret. It is unclear if it’s because Chappelle wants it that way, or Hollywood press feels that he does not encourage clicks the way that he used to. Either way, it is good to see him back to performing in a way that he feels comfortable with.

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Chappelle Returns To The Stage