Chiara Ferragni- The Blonde Salad


the blonde salda Chiara Ferragni  The Blonde Salad

If you like beauty gurus that mainly focus on cosmestics such as Michelle Phan and Andrea Choice, then you can’t miss out on fashionistas like Chiara Ferragni! Chances are, you already know who she is and dream to have a lifestyle like hers (at least I do)!

her style looks range from daily casual
casual Chiara Ferragni  The Blonde Salad

streetwear item (the nikes!)
chiara nike Chiara Ferragni  The Blonde Salad

to high-end fashion
chiara high Chiara Ferragni  The Blonde Salad

With over 120,000 daily blog views and 600,000 instagram followers, Ferragni won the Bloglovin’ award for Blogger Business of 2012. More than just a fashionista, Ferragni started her own shoe line in 2010 as an entrepreneur.

As a Ferragni’s instagram follower myself, daily updates on trendy looks, italian lifestyle, fashion events, traveling for international fashion collaborations is “as tempting as window-shopping on Madison Avenue”, describes.

Image Source: The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni – The Blode Salad