Clerks I The Original


With a great soundtrack including Soul Asylum, Alice in Chains, Seaweed, The Jesus Lizard and Bad Religion, take a day in the life of clerk at a convenience store. This black and white comedy film directed by Kevin Smith will make you laugh.

“What’s up sluts?”

Clerks mierea Clerks I The Original

The in and outs of customers take you on a journey through their love lives, playing hockey on the roof and listening to a anti-smoking campaign from a gum representative. Don’t expect to see the boss around anywhere as Dante Hicks (Brian O’Halloran) places a sheet outside with shoe polish on it stating, “I ASSURE YOU WE ARE OPEN.” His relationship with his friend Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) at the video store unfolds by day as the customers go to both places searching for a product that they offer and dealing with people they don’t really care for at all. Dante’s girlfriend shows up at the store to tell of her escapades with a dead man in a bathroom and Jay and Silent Bob deal pot outside the front of the store, while Dante’s and his ex-girlfriend count the number of sex partners they have had. The change on the counter is left for those looking for a clerk.