Could Hawks Land Howard And Paul?


howard paul e1368202395964 Could Hawks Land Howard And Paul?

Ever since the Hawks sent Joe Johnson to Brooklyn, they freed up $90 million in cap money and have been talking about a blockbuster deal for the 2013-2014 season. The only reason it may not work: Why would they want to go to Atlanta?

PROS: Before the 2005 draft, Chris Paul showed a lot of interest in wanting to go to Atlanta. The Hawks chose Marvin Williams instead of CP3. It’s possible that he still is interested in the city/team, but we won’t know until the offer is put out there. Dwight Howard is good friends with Josh Smith…they played high school ball together and Howard was Smith’s best man at his wedding.

CONS: Who knows if Paul is even still interested in Atlanta. He’s in one of the most glamorous towns in America- why would he want to go anywhere else? And it’s very likely that Josh Smith has seen his last game in a Hawks uniform. Would Howard have any reason to go to Atlanta without Smith?

josh smith1 Could Hawks Land Howard And Paul?

The Hawks have the money to make the moves, but it’s ultimately the decision of the players. If Atlanta pulls it off, they could have a lethal combination of players including Al Horford. We’ll see what happens!

Image Sources: rumorsandrants, USAToday

Could Hawks Land Howard And Paul?