Daily Ride: Audi R8


Ok I will be the first to admit that I usually don’t lust after things, but this is an Audi R8 we are talking about. It’s like a super model with an engine. For 2013 the good folks at Audi have done a little fine tuning to the favored car of Tony Stark (and me but you probably favor Stark more).

Audi R8 2013 593x409 Daily Ride: Audi R8

While the R8 will retain it’s beastly 4.2 litre V8 that gives those 525 horses as well as the upgradeable V-10 flavor, the tranny has been jumped from a six speed to a seven speed S tronic dual clutch. Keeping with tradition you can have your pick of either the regular coupe or the convertible spider options. The Audi is going to run you some milk money though, $126,000 for the base but if you really want to get your Iron Man on then just shell out the $200,000+ for the high end package.

Image Source:DieselStation

Daily Ride: Audi R8