Dan Aykroyd Movie Opens Homicide Case (DETAILS)


Dan Aykroyd became the main focus of a Homicide Investigation when a landfill worker uncovered film of the actor standing over a bloody corpse.  Law enforcement officials in Calgary, Canada opened a homicide investigation when a ‘dump worker found the damaged film on Wednesday afternoon, and turned it in to police, thinking he had stumbled upon evidence in a murder.’

dan aykroyd lj788u Dan Aykroyd Movie Opens Homicide Case (DETAILS)

(Photo Credit: via imcdb.org)

Investigators cleaned the dirty negative and realized the photo was of Dan Aykroyd.  The problem then became which film was this negative from?  Police decided to contact Dan’s reps and All American Speakers, a company that books celebs for events, who explained the scene was from the 1990 movie “Loose Cannons.”

The movie was pretty poor, according to Dan himself who said, “The movie should have been left in the landfill where it belongs.” Case officially closed!



Dan Aykroyd Movie Opens Homicide Case (DETAILS)