Discreet And Deadly Desk Pen


You’re at work, being the drone. You never thought you’d just be shuffling papers for the rest of your life. Each day, you imagine you’re a cop taking down a raging dude on PCP. Maybe you think about shooting off a semi-automatic rifle at targets in the midst of war. Perhaps you dream about being a spy, owning all the coolest gadgets on the face of the planet. Well, for now, just keep shuffling papers. It’s safer. But if you want to play around a bit at the office, or just feel cool, get yourself a tactical writing pen. Yes, a tactical pen that really writes on paper.

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Boker Close Up


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Boker Titanium


Boker pen fgehre Discreet And Deadly Desk PenThe Boker Tactical Pen


Boker makes these bad boys at a really affordable price. They go from about $30.00 and up. Measuring anywhere from 5-6 inches in length, the tactical pen is a perfectly discreet weapon. They’re light too, made out of aluminum. Specifically, the Boker Plus line features pens with anodized bodies, checkered grips, and round, bullet-like, stainless-steel ends. If you’re thinking that the end of the pen is harmless, then you’re dead wrong. If used correctly, the pen end can be applied to pressure points, putting an unsuspecting victim right to sleep. These pens are sleek and stylish, so your coworkers will surely take notice. You’ll have something to talk about too when you tell them the capabilities of your little gadget. They may even be left wondering if your day job is a cover; that you’re really an assassin. Whether you test its abilities as a weapon or not is your choice, but either way, you’ll be writing memos with one handsome pen.

Go ahead and treat yourself. You know you want it. Just restrain yourself from using it on your boss.

Photo Source: Heinnie from Google Images
Photo Source: Boker

Discreet And Deadly Desk Pen