Does Mattingly Want Out In LA?


The 2013 season was one full of ups and downs for Don Mattingly and the Dodgers. The skipper’s job was in jeopardy early with a disappointing start from his ball club. Injuries galore and a struggling offense was the story until the emergence of Yasiel Puig. If you follow baseball at all, you know the storied tale of Puig setting the league on fire and leading the Dodgers to their climb up the NL West ladder. After that, it seemed silly that Mattingly’s job was ever in question. The Dodgers had done a complete 180 and were the favorites entering the postseason.

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Los Angeles saw their season come to an early end when they were knocked out of the NLCS by the Cardinals six games. You could say that may have been the last straw for Mattingly in a long and stressful season. He spoke very candidly in a postseason press conference on Monday. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s been a frustrating, tough year honestly,” Mattingly said. “Because I think when you … come in basically as a lame duck and with the ($230-million) payroll and the guys that you have, it puts you in a tough spot in the clubhouse.”

“My option vested once we beat Atlanta,” Mattingly said. “That doesn’t mean I’ll be back.”

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Mattingly also went on to say that he loves Los Angeles and that he prefers to manage the Dodgers, but also doesn’t want to be anywhere that he isn’t wanted. I can’t blame the guy. He was being scrutinized all season long by the media and the Dodgers organization. It’s tough to enjoy your job that way. I have a feeling that Mattingly will be out of Los Angeles this offseason. Perhaps he’ll find himself in D.C.

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Does Mattingly Want Out In LA?