Dwight Howard Fined $35K For Flagrant Foul


With roughly 5 minutes left in a significantly intense game, Dwight Howard gave a hard shove to Denver Nuggets player Kenneth Faried. It can be hard to determine what is intentional and what is purely adrenaline mixed with testosterone build up in these type of situations. All we know is that the refs were not having it. Dwight was immediately ejected from the game and fined 35 racks.

dwight howard reaction shot Dwight Howard Fined $35K For Flagrant Foul

With the growth of the NBA harboring more athletic, stronger, and larger players than the past, officials have had to crack down on foul calling. We can all recall the war between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers that went down in history as the “brawl”. Anything that looks to be headed in that direction can be subject to an ejection from the game. However, this time it was at the expense of the Lakers.

As if they needed any more problems. Sheesh.

What are your thoughts?

News Source: NBA.com

Dwight Howard Fined $35K For Flagrant Foul