Early MVP Candidates


There have been a lot of candidates for Most Valuable Player so far this season in both the American and National Leagues. Some expected, some not. The race really doesn’t start until the latter part of the season, but it’s always fun to take a look at who may still be in the hunt come August.


3. Chris Davis – leading the entire league in homeruns, Davis is off to the hottest start of his career. STATS: .356 AVG, 20 HR, .740 SLG, 52 RBIs.

chris davis rty6mh Early MVP Candidates

2. Clay Buchholz – there was a “spitball” controversy surrounding Buchholz for a bit, but it’s looking like he’s just that talented. STATS: ERA 1.62, W-L (8-0), 77 SO, 1.02 WHIP.

clay buchholz lmlqxy Early MVP Candidates

1. Miguel Cabrera – just one season removed from winning the Triple Crown, Cabrera hasn’t missed a beat. STATS: .366 AVG, 17 HR, .659 SLG, 65 RBIs.

miguel cabrera zs4vtk Early MVP Candidates


3. David Wright – even though the Mets are down and out already, Wright continues to carry his team. STATS: .276 AVG, 8 HR, .468 SLG, 32 RBIS.

david wright fheo3e Early MVP Candidates

2. Carlos Gomez – off to one of the best starts in his career, Gomez is giving Milwaukee something to cheer about. STATS: .324 AVG, 10 HR, .576 SLG, 28 RBIs.

carlos gomez fwdguw Early MVP Candidates

1. Justin Upton – with questions surrounding Upton and how he would perform in Atlanta, I’d say he responded pretty well. STATS: .257 AVG, 14 HR, .510 SLG, 29 RBIs.

justin upton vdpmi9 Early MVP Candidates

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Early MVP Candidates