Editor’s Tech Pick: Cellulon Laser Keyboard


celluon magic cube 1 593x409 Editors Tech Pick: Cellulon Laser Keyboard

Everybody needs a decent keyboard, bloggers, gamers, students, social butterflies, conspiracy theorists…everybody. There are some unique designs out there but my favorite is the laser keyboard by Cellulon. The Cellulon Cube Keyboard is an uber futuristic little box that projects a keyboard on your desk that allows you to type. My favorite part of it is the security, no one can guess your password if they can’t find the keyboard. While it’s on the Cube uses a light pattern and sensors to detect your key strokes. Hit a key and it breaks that point and registers the key stroke. That’s crazy! When it’s off there is no keyboard so your system is safe from your girl trying to find your porn stash (yes we know about your porn).

magic cube 2 590x409 Editors Tech Pick: Cellulon Laser Keyboard

My favorite part is the Bluetooth capability which allows it to sync effortlessly with tablets and mobile devices. You can drop by Cellulon’s website or visit them on Amazon if you want to get your James Bond on. This would make the perfect gift for your favorite nerd at a  $150 price point. Soletron gives the Cellulon Magic Cube a 4.5 out of 5. (the extra .5 is for looking so damn fancy!)

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Editor’s Tech Pick: Cellulon Laser Keyboard