Sebastian Ingrosso & Thomas Trash Meet Game of Thrones (Video)


Use to watching scantily clad bikini girls booty shaking in a club to strobe lights and earthquake inducing bass music in an EDM music video? Thomas Trash and Sebastian Ingrosso’s newest song “Reload” featuring “Don’t You Worry Child” vocalist John Martin will blow your mind away with their epic game-of-thrones-like music video. Instead of your standard fist pumping and partying, “Reload” features a man running after his lover across mountains in a picturesque landscape. After entering a dinosaur (or dragon) cave, he comes upon a pool of magical water and enters a mysterious, glowing box, and proceeds to be propelled into another world, through a volcano. Let me repeat that – through a volcano! Crazy! He ultimately finds his significant other and they romantically embrace, which causes them to become encapsulated in another glowing box that shoots them out of this world and back to the volcano. They live happily ever after (at least we assume so, she disappears at the end and so the fate of their love cannot be fully determined). Feeling confused and lost? Us too. We have no idea what it is suppose to mean, or what the underlying “message” is, but watch the video below and enjoy the beautifully crafted visual along with the ear stimulating, heart-pumping music.

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Sebastian Ingrosso & Thomas Trash Meet Game of Thrones VIDEO